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WorldBuilder Contest

Help create new maps for the C&C Zero Hour community!

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  • Participants have to join the Instant-Shock Discord and go to #wbc2021-sign-up to get signed up.
  • A participant may submit up to 6 maps in total: You may submit up to three 7-player maps and three 3-player maps. In case a participant gives an updated version of a map it will not count as another entry.
  • A participant may send up to 5 updated versions of the same map.
  • All maps will be posted in the #wbc2021-maps channel of the Instant-Shock Discord. You are not allowed to use #wbc-maps for discussion purposes--please use #general-chat or #mappers-discussion.
  • The competition will last until Tuesday the 22nd of June. You may continue submitting maps until then.
  • The following maps will not be accepted:
    • Tiny maps
    • No money maps
    • Gameplay scripted maps
    • Maps with custom 'tech buildings'
    • Maps with a map.ini that alters gameplay
    • Unmanned vehicles that can be captured
    • Maps with gameplay problems
  • Penalty points may be given to maps that suffer from serious problems such as mismatches, game crashes, exploits and bugs.
  • Scripts must only be used for visual effects or changing supply pile cash values.
  • Scripts that affect gameplay or change the shape of the battlefield are not allowed. For example, you cannot use a script to lower the water level somewhere on the battlefield to change the gameplay. If you want to use water-lowering scripts then it must be outside of the combat zone and strictly for visual purposes.
  • Avoid using scripts that will distract the players (such as a cropduster flying over the player's base).
  • Only 7 and 3 player maps may be submitted.
  • The contest will last around 1 month. During this time your map(s) will be played on Legionnaire's livestreams*. Legionnaire as well as the live-chat audience will provide you with additional feedback during these streams.
  • The prize pool is $150:
    • The 3 highest scoring 7 player maps will win $25 per map
    • The 2 highest scoring 3 player maps will win $20 per map
    • The most beautiful and detailed map will win $35
  • Your map will earn points based on 5 categories (outlined below).
  • Our panel of judges will rate your map and at the end of the competition you will see your final score.
  • During the competition you may ask Instant-Shock for feedback on their Discord. Any questions you may have may be forwarded to the judges. You may receive feedback from the judges over the duration of the contest, but it is recommended to watch the livestreams where your map(s) will be played in order to get the most direct feedback.
  • The judges will remain anonymous to prevent participants from point-begging.
  • Judges cannot participate in the contest.
  • Instant-Shock has the right to remove any map from the Discord or the contest in case they feel it is not in line with the goal of the mapping contest or if it doesn't meet the standards of being played competitively. Instant-Shock also has the right to kick or ban Discord members / disqualify participants who are not sticking to the rules or are trying to cause trouble or sabotage the event.

* In the event that too many maps are submitted there will be a chance your map will not be played in the livestreams. In this scenario you may still ask for feedback and your map will still be considered for the competition.

Rating Categories

These are the categories your map will be graded on. Check out the guidelines below for more info.


Map Balance

  • Supply placements should not favor any particular army
  • Distance between players should make sense
  • No player position should be favored over another (like the middle positions on Defcon)
  • Civilian Buildings (if any) should be placed fairly
  • Maps that are too big will favor GLA players, so be careful with your map size!
  • If you plan to have two Supply Docks in a player's starting base, make sure that both can be defended relatively easily by USA players.



  • Quality of texture blends (More info: - courtesy of cncHD)
  • Texture coherency (How well different textures work together)
  • Whether textures match the geometry/roads/buildings/etc




  • The map's environment/atmosphere/mood
  • Touches regarding appearance
  • Enjoyability & fun factor - don't make bunkery maps
  • Anything creative and unique (don't just make a Defcon clone)



  • Map layout
  • Quality of placement and execution of ramps, bridges, cliffs
  • Height differences in the terrain
  • Avoid narrow passageways which make it hard to send armies through
  • Spend some time on making realistic looking mountains, and not just 'blobs' shooting out of the ground.



  • Ambient sounds & placement


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