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Rules & Maps

Joining Requirements

  • All participating players must be on the Instant-Shock Discord.
  • Players must be running C&C Generals Zero Hour version 1.04.
  • Players must have GenTool installed with upload mode switched on.
  • Players must register to participate.
  • You must have the tournament maps installed. Download map pack auto-extractor here (or download the archive). Players who do not have the maps and fail during map transfer will be disqualified.
  • Player usernames must not contain racism or profanity.


Quick Rules

  • All games will be Live-Streamed on YouTube in 1080p quality.
  • All players will play all matches as a Random army.
  • All matches will be played with Pro Rules*.
  • Legionnaire will host all matches on GameRanger (unless all players in a group request to play on cnc-online).
  • The game will start the moment 6 registered players have entered the room. After two minutes of gameplay the group will be ‘solidified’ and the ranking process will begin.
  • Points are earned based on rank at end of the game. (See Scoring below)
  • Each group must play 3 matches.
  • The finals group will play of 5 matches.
  • If there is not enough time for all 3 games to be played consecutively, players must agree to continue the remaining matches on other dates. If the majority of the players does not agree (i.e. 1 player wants to continue on another day but the other 5 say ‘no’, then the absent player will receive zero points for the games missed).
  • The top 2 or 3 players of each group will advance to form a new group depending on group structure.
  • If players are tied for advancing to the next group, these players will have to play one final determining match to decide who will advance. This match will be played on an appropriate map and all players will play as China Nuke General with Pro Rules*.
  • Maps will be played based on the group's size and in the order of the map pool on repeat.

* Pro Rules: The 'pro rules' that will be used during this tournament are:

  • No Super Weapons (Except for Super Weapon General who is allowed 1 Particle Cannon, and except for upgrading Nuclear Tanks, Uranium Shells, Neutron Shells).
  • No Tactical Nuke MiG upgrade.
  • No Aurora Bombers or Aurora Alphas.
  • No Combat Cycle with Terrorist a.k.a. Demo Bike (Except to replace the driver with other infantry in case of Demolition General).
  • No Suicide Upgrade a.k.a. Demolition Upgrade allowed for Demolition General.
  • Air Force Carpet Bomb is always allowed.



These are the points you will receive at the end of each match.

Rank Points
Winner 7
2nd Place 5
3rd Place 4
4th Place 3
5th Place 2
6th Place 2
Refuse to play / Don't show up 0


Map Pool

A match with 6 players will be played on a 6 player map, a match with 5 players on a 5 player map, etc. Also, make sure you have all the maps when we start the tournament! You can download the map pack auto-extractor here (or download the archive).

6 Player maps:


5 Player maps:

Instant-Shock Arena (6)


Free For All Stars (5)

Defcon 6 (6)



4 Player maps:


3 Player maps:

Tournament Island (4)


MiddleMan-Friendly (3)

Manic Aggression (4)



Flash Effect (3)


2 Player maps:

Rising of the Leyend v2 (2)

TD NoBugsCars ZH v1 (2)


The 'Fine-Print' Rules

This is an extension of Quick Rules (above).

  • Players must have GenTool installed with uploading switched on.
  • If the GenTool replay of a match is not uploaded a 1-point penalty will be applied to your score. (Note: If the files failed to upload to the server you can avoid the 1-point penalty by sending the GenTool data to `Legionnaire directly.)
  • In case you are caught cheating or using cheat programs you will be disqualified.
  • In case you break 'pro rules' you will receive 1 or 2 penalty points depending on severity. Continued rule-breaking will result in disqualification. If by breaking 'pro rules' you deal a game-changing blow (e.g. Dozer hunt with a Demo Bike, or fire a SCUD Storm) you will be disqualified.
  • In case the match mismatches or disconnection-bugs mid-game then the match is to be played again with the obvious surviving players on an appropriate map with random army. Players that were close to being defeated would be considered defeated. This will be verified by replay.
  • If a player disconnects before the 1 minute mark the match will be replayed with all players playing as random. If this happens a second time, this player will be disqualified.
  • If a player quits before the 1 minute mark the match will be played again with all players playing as random. The player who quit will receive 2 penalty points. If this happens a second time, this player will be disqualified.
  • A player may be disqualified if they are running the game consistently below 25 FPS.
  • A player may be disqualified if they are causing Internet lag where the disconnection menu appears multiple times.
  • A player may be disqualified for excessive bad behaviour.
  • A player will be disqualified if they are watching/listening to the live-stream while playing a tournament match.
  • Intentional mismatching will lead to instant disqualification.
  • Intentional delaying of a match will lead to instant disqualification.
  • Any form of racism will lead to instant disqualification.
  • Intentional bug exploitation will result in instant disqualification. This includes but is not limited to:
    • SCUD bug (firing a SCUD Storm before the countdown timer has reached 0:00)
    • Tunnel Network bug (evacuating units from a Tunnel Network before construction has finished)
    • Supply Drop Zone bug (using a Microwave Tank to disable the Supply Drop Zone to get it to drop money instantly)
    • Range bug
    • Scaffold unit bug (creating units from scaffolds of unit production buildings)
    • Scaffold placement deny (creating a scaffold to prevent a player from placing buildings)
    • Constructing buildings whilst a Worker is inside a vehicle.
  • The following exploits are allowed:
    • Scaffold scrap deny (using a scaffold to remove scrap left by destroyed vehicles)
    • Scaffold to distract units (using a scaffold to get an air unit to fire at it, or have a Nuke Cannon in guard-mode fire at it)
    • Scaffold to block line-of-sight (using a scaffold to prevent a base defense or unit from firing at another unit)
    • Anthrax/radiation clearing (removing anthrax from Anthrax Bomb or otherwise through various exploits)
    • Combat Drop Ranger Evacuate bug (evacuating Rangers quicker through Combat Drop exploit)
    • Overlord Speaker Tower bug (an Overlord provides permanent Speaker Tower bonus
  • Teaming and/or match fixing will lead to instant disqualification. (You may use diplomacy as a strategy to have players attack each other. You may not agree with other players to work together before a match has started.)
  • Any disqualification may be carried forward to other Instant-Shock tournaments, so behave!
  • Rewards will be made out to the winners via PayPal or Steam Gift Voucher depending on winner's preference.
  • A player who disconnects as observer for all three matches will lose 1 point as a penalty. Exit the game properly!
  • A player is considered 'defeated' under the following conditions:
    • You are defeated; or
    • you disconnect; or
    • you have no income for 3 minutes and you have no sizable army*; or
    • you have no Command Center and your income is less than $1000 per minute for more than 3 minutes and you have no sizable army*; or
    • you have no Command Center / GLA Supply Stash and you are Dozer / Worker hunted and you have no production buildings and you have no sizable army*.

* Sizable army: Defined by the ability to overthrow the game. If this comes into question Legionnaire will decide whether the army was a sizable army.


Have any questions? You can contact us on our Discord and talk with us there.

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