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Finals Group
Player Match 1 Match 2 Match 3 Match 4 Match 5 Total Points Deciding Match
sPL 3rd (+4 pts) 6th (+2 pts) 2nd (+5 pts) 1st (+7 pts) 5th (+2 pts) 20 pts 1st
-Rob^xD` 5th (+2 pts) 1st (+7 pts) 1st (+7 pts) 5th (+2 pts) 6th (+2 pts) 20 pts 2nd
Leikeze 4th (+3 pts) 4th (+3 pts) 5th (+2 pts) 2nd (+5 pts) 1st (+7 pts) 20 pts 3rd
Jundiyy 1st (+7 pts) 5th (+2 pts) 4th (+3 pts) 6th (+2 pts) 2nd (+5 pts) 19 pts  
-ReaLiTy^ 2nd (+5 pts) 3rd (+4 pts) 6th (+2 pts) 3rd (+4 pts) 3rd (+4 pts) 19 pts  
kill toll^ 6th (+2 pts) 2nd (+5 pts) 3rd (+4 pts) 4th (+3 pts) 4th (+3 pts) 17 pts  


Here are the scores from the group stage:

Group A Group B Group C
kill_toll^ (16 pts) Leikeze (14 pts) Jundiyy (14 pts)
-Rob^xD` (14 pts) -ReaLiTy^ (14 pts) sPL (12 pts)
Rusher (14 pts) IGNITE^ (13 pts) Stryk3r1337 (12 pts)
~Pr|M|t|v[e] (9 pts) BoYcaH^ (11 pts) FleX* (11 pts)
VoG (6 pts) `Legionnaire (11 pts) MaLiK (11 pts)
OptimusPrime (5 pts) ShayeSaintJohn (6 pts) TengriUygaR^ (9 pts)

The two best players of every group have continued onto the finals.


Welcome General,

C&C Generals Zero Hour is one of those games that has stood the test of time. Its community remains very active with over 3,000 online matches played every day, with no signs of slowing down. Zero Hour is big, but we're going to make it bigger we've just made it bigger!

The Instant-Shock Free-For-All Tournament was held between 20th December 2018 and 12th January 2019 and it was an astounding success. Haven't seen the matches? Watch them here:


$200 Free-For-All Tournament

1st Place: SPL $125 & Drakken Technologies Gaming Keyboard
2nd Place: -Rob^xD` $50
3rd Place: Leikeze $25


How did it work?

Players will be divided into groups of 6. Each group will play 3 matches. The highest-scoring players in each group will then advance to form a new group. Only the strongest will survive to reach the finals group which will play a total of 5 matches.

For further information check out the Rules & Maps section. You can also join our Discord and talk with us there.

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