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Nevermore eSports has recently made the decision to merge Nevermore, RaiN, and Nano into Instant-Shock. With this, all assets of Nevermore will be transferred over to I-Shock within a week of the release of this article.  A lot of the members in Nevermore, Nano, and RaiN we’re all a part of I-Shock at some point in their gaming history, now its time for its sons and daughters to go home. This article features an interview with both the owners of Nevermore and Instant Shock, as the two organizations plan to merge. Instant Shock’s Medias will be included at the bottom of this article, please take the time to join the discord or follow I-Shock on twitter. 


What is happening with Nevermore eSports?

Nevermore as an organization and community will be merging into Instant Shock.  Nevermore has had a very good streak with our CS:GO team as well as our partnered organizations, and we want to take things to the next level.  RaiN and Nano will both be joining Nevermore in the merge to I-Shock since they are owned by Nevermore. Our mission is to make our organization as big as possible, and merging all of the organizations into one will do exactly that.  After a long and strenuous process, we have decided that the Nevermore brand merging into I-Shock and its assets as the best course of action. We are very future-oriented now with our organizations being consolidated into one big organization. 


What is I-Shock?

I-Shock is a gaming organization that has the mindset and goal of making it to the big stages, where teams can be at the top of their game and have our name be one of the biggest out there.  Many current members of Nevermore got their first experience in the gaming community through I-Shock, and even the founder of Nevermore, Flay, started out in I-Shock. After seeing how motivated and fun the I-Shock community was, Flay wanted to create that experience on his own.  Now he’s ready to come home and merge the two groups he cares so much about. We at I-Shock are more than excited for the unity of our two groups.


What will the merge consist of, and what will happen to Nevermore moving forward?

Simply said, all of Nevermore will be merging into I-Shock, and all of our assets are going to I-Shock.  RaiN eSports and Nano eSports will also be merging into I-Shock. Our management will stay the same (with some minor changes in positioning), but most everyone in our staff team will be staying and joining the I-Shock staff team in order to help with the transition.  Therefore all the familiar faces you have seen during your time within our organizations will still be around, just under the I-Shock name.


Why is Nevermore merging into I-Shock?

Both Nevermore and I-Shock have seen a decline in different areas of our organizations.  I-Shock has seen a decrease in motivation within their staff team, which Nevermore can provide a jumpstart to and lead in a great direction.  On the Nevermore side of the spectrum, there has been a decrease in revenue and sponsorship return, meanwhile, I-Shock has great business’ sponsoring their team that is very cooperative and attentive.  We are very future-oriented and cannot wait to get working together as a team to improve on these aspects of our organization!


After these two organizations merge, what will the future hold?

We have a ton of ideas already streaming through our heads.  This includes: new I-Shock hosted CS:GO tournaments with prize pools, brand new graphics coming through the server for everyone to enjoy, and more.  A lot of the competitive teams from Nevermore, RaiN, and Nano are all transferring over as well! You are looking at just the tip of the iceberg of what our potential is.  We are going to be working twice as hard to make sure I-Shock as a collective reaches the highest degree we can!


Written by Caleb Wolfe

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