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Fast Cash 2019

A C&C Generals Zero Hour Tournament

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Welcome General

You are now entering the home of the Instant-Shock Fast Cash Tournament! Things will be moving fast, so pay attention! This tournament took place in September and November of 2019. You can watch the full tournament on YouTube by clicking here. You can also download the replays here. Just make sure that you have the map pack installed.


Win cash by coming 1st, 2nd or 3rd place in the tournament or

attain any of the achievements set out below!


A BIG thanks to all our sponsors for making this happen!

Loku Tier 5 $605
generaldownforce Tier 5 $450
Vortex of Entropy Tier 4 $255
Gzr Tier 3 $55
YourNeutrality! Tier 3 $50
Flinthearth Tier 3 $50
bigwako Tier 3 $50
Firelord Tier 1

You can still donate to the tournament prize pool, even now! Go to and write "Tournament Prize Pool" in the Donation Message. Check out all the perks given to our lovely sponsors:


$1535 Free-For-All Tournament

1st Place $400
2nd Place $250
3rd Place $150

Please note that the cash prizes will increase if more money is donated to the tournament prize pool.


Cash Achievements



Cash Prize

🎖️ Army Steal

Steal an army using a Microwave Tank and Ranger.


🎖️ Fast Cash

Increase your Black Lotus' veterancy.


🎖️ Boom

Deal at least $5000 worth of damage to an enemy using a Bomb Truck.


🎖️ Rush

Eliminate 2 players within 12 minutes. *1


🎖️ Blitz

Eliminate 3 players within 15 minutes. *1


🎖️ Tyrant

Win a match within 18 minutes, eliminating at least 3 players. *1


🎖️ Tactician

Eliminate a player who collected more money than you. *1


🎖️ Machine

Win a match with a maximum of 2 Black Markets, 2 Supply Drop Zones, or 8 Hackers. *2


🎖️ No Eco

Win a match without Black Markets, Supply Drop Zones or Hackers.


🎖️ FFA Pro

Come either 1st, 2nd or 3rd place in all matches in the finals.


*1 Assuming no 2v1 situation occurred against the eliminated player(s).
*2 The keyword is 'or'; e.g. you are not allowed to have 2 Black Markets and 2 Supply Drop Zones at the same time.

Ready for some more good news? You can win multiple achievements per match! If you earn the Tyrant achievement and did so without building any Black Markets, Supply Drop Zones, or Hackers, then you will earn $210 (Tyrant $90 + No Eco $60 + Machine $60) just like that! And remember, you can earn this cash for every match you play!

Please note that the cash prizes will increase if more money is donated to the tournament prize pool.

All Cash Achievements are to be approved by Instant-Shock management and may be verified via replay. Any foul play will result in permanent disqualification.


Tournament Layout

Players will be divided into groups of 6. Each group will play one match and the winner of each match will continue onto the finals. The finalists will then play their hearts out in 5 crazy matches in order to decide our final three winners.

For further information check out the Rules & Maps section. You can also join our Discord and talk with us there.

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